Angst in Budapest  

From 12.01. – 27.02.2011 at Trafó Gallery, Budapest



Katalog zum Werkleitz Festival 2010
Angst hat große Augen


Angst Reise  

the first public presentation of
Angst in Form


Project magazine

Project magazine - Festival

Werkleitz Festival 2010
in cooperation with Kunstrepublik


The twentieth century is considered to be the 'century of fear'. The seemingly uninterrupted sequence of radical upheaval and catastrophe in the first half of the century opened people's eyes to their potential for self-destruction. In consequence, a feeling of imminent menace persisted: fear of war, fear of economic crisis, fear of environmental destruction or 'ecocide', fear of new technologies, fear of terrorism, and fear of fundamental changes in society.  The twenty-first century also began with a series of collective fear scenarios, from the 'Millennium Bug' (the anticipated collapse of all computer systems), to 9/11, climate change, demographic shifts ('Germans are a dying race') and avian flu through to the present financial crisis. Fear seems to be a permanent feature of public life. Do we need fear? Does it not even perhaps serve as a filler in our society?

Fear is a vital basic feeling. Every human being is able to feel fear. However, what we fear has yet to be learnt because social fear is also conditioned by society. How do people deal with it? What are their reactions? The international festival Angst hat große Augen will explore these questions.

Key aspects of the festival are the film programme Angst in der Schwarzen Schachtel (Fear in the black box) and art in public space, Angst in Form.

We will be cooperating this year with our partner KUNSTrePUBLIK who in the context of Angst in Form will curate nine artistic works created especially for the festival. These works will be realized from June to October in Halle (Saale) in Sachsen-Anhalt, as well as in neighbouring German federal states and in the Czech Republic. In April, Werkleitz, in collaboration with the DFG network Spielformen der Angst and the Institute for Sociology at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg in Halle (Saale) presented the two-day panel Angst im Gespräch, which dealt with the construction and representation of fear and attracted a large audience.